MOB Integrated Services Limited’s goal and commitment to investing in gas and oil terminals is aimed at, partially, reducing the overall operational movement and transportation costs of oil and gas in Nigeria. Needless to say, these costs eventually are borne by clients. An investment, therefore, in oil and gas terminals is not only sound but also necessary for the long-term sustainability of the Company’s goals and objectives.

This is also informed by the fact that Nigeria is currently an LPG storage infrastructure deficient country, and the demand for LPG continues to rise astronomically as the people gradually make the shift from using kerosene as cooking fuel to gas. To meet this demand, the company is making significant investments in not only assurance for quality and affordability of oil and gas, but also in the storage of the same.

In this context, the company has an ongoing project to develop an LPG Storage Tank farm in Calabar Nigeria with a capacity of 5000MT. The choice of location of investment is motivated by the bid to shift away from the preferable location— Lagos. Currently, majority if not all gas storage plants are located in Lagos, which currently has only three. The implications of this project, therefore, are of monumental proportions. The development and completion of this project will have major impact on the supply dynamics of LPG in Nigeria. This will result in the availability of LPG to South and the entire North East and Central Nigeria.

MOB Gas Terminal (Calabar)

Summary of the Project at Calabar

Status of Project:
Planning and Approval (DPR)
Portside Industrial Park Calabar Cross Rivers Nigeria
1.5 Hectare
Flood Lights, Access Gates (In & Out), Ultra – Modern loading gantry points, Fire monitoring and alarm systems .
24hrs Security